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Wedding Gown Alterations

All services are by appointment in order to give you a special experience.
The construction of the wedding gown and the level of complexity of the alterations requested determine the cost.

Cups $25 & UP

      Most brides need cups added to the wedding gown. There are several styles of cups available in order to give you the best fit to compliment your body type. Our goal is to enhance your beautiful body.

Side Seams Alterations


The sides $65 & UP

        Many times brides need the wedding dress taken in at the sides. Don’t be mad at your bridal boutique for ordering a size too big though, as you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a bridal gown that was too small, would you?  Additionally, how much needs to be taken in, and whether it is the center front bust, side area, center back, zipper area, the hips, or along the entire seam, and the number of layers will determine the cost.  Your gown can be taken in, however letting a gown out is a whole other ball game.

Hems & Linings Alterations


The hem (the bottom) $125 & UP

        The bottom of your bridal gown will almost always need to be shorter.  The hem is many times much more complicated than it looks. You may see some plastic webbing around the bottom, or feel it in the dress. This is called horse braid or horsehair, which results in higher level alteration. Each layer of your gown needs to be hemmed.  Have a layer of lace on your bridal gown hemline?  Is the bottom of your wedding dress beaded? All these things determine the cost.

Beading & Hand Work


Beading and Handwork $65 per hr.

      If your dress is beaded, keep in mind that the beads must first come off before your dress can be altered. Then the beads must be sewn back on by hand in the match the original pattern for a professional finish. 

Custom Design Changes


Design Changes $150 & up

      Yes! You can add a Sweetheart neckline or lower the sweetheart on your gown. Yes! you can put a corset in your gown or change the hemline to a Hi-Low. You can add a lace top or cap sleeves. Want to add some color, or shorten the train, No problem!

Train Bustles


Bustles $85 & UP

   The bustle (picking the back of the bridal gown off the floor so you can bust a move on the dance floor!)

        If you have a train a bustle is needed. Most gowns will need from 1 to 7 bustle points, but we have seen some with more. Our bustle system is easy to use, and we train your friend or mother how to attach each point.


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